Thursday, 8 September 2011


This is just a very quick update.... I didn't weigh in when i was meant to so i weighed in today, it has been 11 days since i weighed in so today i was pleasantly surprised.. i had lost 2.1kg!!! i am .9kg of my last short term goal!! which means i am down to the last 10kg and i will have reached my over all goal!!! i have also lost another inch in a week to YAY.
gunna go like i said just a quicky!! xoxo

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Happy happy

So i have neglected this blog a bit but i have so good news so it is getting some attention LOL.
So i decided i would weigh in this morning instead of tomorrow as well week days now a a bit chaotic for me now a days. I am one happy girl in a week i lost 1 1/2kg which means i am 2 1/2kg off my short term goal!! I have also lost another since i am so freaking excited... i am starting to really notice a difference about time i say!!
I have been wearing pants i haven't worn for about 4 years and they are fitting fair enough i had a tinny little pudge but i am wearing them and looking good in them!! Feeling so so about myself this morning.
I really am finding my groove with all this i am not finding it hard at all to eat healthy it is just habit for me now.. i will have little bad things here and there but most of the time i don't even had dessert any more.. i know you are all gasping and amazed!!!
I think with work and walking with Peter almost every day it has helped me get off a bit extra this week!! I am gunna keep going and i will have lost the last 12 1/2kg i want to lose all up!! BOOOOOO YEAH BABY!!! Got tennis this arvo actually really excited about it haven't played in a while but ready to run around and abuse that ball!!
Gunna go have a amazing day peeps... Peace out xoxo

Sunday, 7 August 2011


I know it has been forever since i write here but i have been flat out with trying to start work!
So i have lost another kilo 4 more to go till i meet my short term goal and this week i plan on going hardcore with it all even with work starting up!!!
Been going on the river walk with my stepdad which is awesome! but need to start doing more at home and such aswell!!!
Better go i will update better another time!!!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Busy busy

I know i haven't updated in a while been busy helping my sis move and hanging with the kids while school holidays were still going. BUT.... school went back today woohoo and to celebrate the freedom i went and did the river walk,I am rather proud i did it in 1 hour 8 mins and would like to cut back the time over a few weeks.
Last week was a bit of a bad week food wise and exercise wise :( but i still managed to lose 1kg and another inch WOOHOO. Must have been all the moving i did. This week back to the healthy eating and the exercising even though i am still a tad sore from the weekend but feeling good generally.
Seeing as it is meant to be raining the next week my exercising will be limited to inside but that is ok i still have plenty i can do inside and with Jack at school i can just do it when Lilly has her nap. YAY for naps i say hehehe.

This is just a short one got stuffs to do! i will update later in the week peace out homies!!!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Something a bit different

Today's blog will be a bit different from what i normal write about.
Since the moment my baby girl left with her dad and Saturday morning i don't know why but i have just been complacent not sure why.. Hell even on Friday i was a bit like that. Life is so much different then i thought it would be this year,it gets me down from time to time but this is clearly what my life is meant to be right now,but it has be thinking a hell of a lot about where my life is going to take me in the future....I'm not worried but curious really. When something big happens in my life i always do something big to myself like cut my hair off,colour it a crazy colour,get a piercing or a tattoo... I haven't done anything, but i realised a few weeks back my big change is my losing the weight finally after almost 8 years! It sure is a slow process and the past few days the slowness of it has been getting to me..... I am being patient though i know i will get to my goal weight i need to hang in there on days like well the past few days.

With everything life has thrown at me the past 8 years i am proud of who i am and who i have the potential to be as a Mother,friend,sister,daughter and eventually teacher. But atm i really need to focus on me and the kids... me with the losing weight and getting healthy and the kids well getting Jack sorted with all his appointments i need to make for him and possibly another huge change but i am not going to say what till i know for sure. Lilly well she is growing up so fast and learning new things every day.. before i know it she will be off to school which makes me want to cry! My kids,my worlds are the reason i am who i am and they make me want to be better everyday! I would be lost without them, but i hate that Jack doesn't see Grant and doesn't know that side of him,as much as they have done wrong by him you should know who all your family are! And Lilly i love that Mick and his family are still so involved but i hate the way it effects Jack,he is a tough cookie my boy i wish life was a little kinder to him. Although he makes me proud every day with being such a happy amazing child even with everything that has been thrown his way. Yes we have our ups and a hell of a lot of downs but i wouldn't change him for anything he is my special mini man.

I know i need yo hang in there with everything.. Today is just one of those downer days... doesn't help i haven't had much sleep. I know i have a good life, i have wonderful friends and family and so much support with everything that i do. Just wish a few things were just a bit different but i guess life is what you make it! I really hope things start getting better and happier there has been too much sadness the first half of the year.. It is about time happy stuff started to happen i say!
Well i am going to go it is nap time for Lil pil!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

1 week...

So i didn't lose the whole 2kg but i lost 1.5kg still a good effort but next week i am hoping to lose the full 2kg guess we will wait and see really.Feeling good still..... had a great session with Mick on Friday didn't do boxing did some other workouts which were pretty awesome.This week i will be having 2 sessions which YAY,well hoping one of the kids don,t have a mental like last week. Not really much to report atm all kinda quite... Just have 6 1/2kg to lose to reach my 2nd short term goal WOO!!!
I guess i will put down what i ate the past 2 days......
Brekky- 1 piece of toast
Lunch- Cheesymite scroll
Dinner- 2 wraps with chicken that was coasted in a bit of flour and paprika with a bit of cheese sauce over the top
also finished the small bit of chocolate cake... ooooppppss
Brekky- 1 piece of toast
Lunch- a small ceasar salad
Diner- 3 sausages in bread
I am thinking no more cake type tings next week that was my down fall this week but when you have a craving you need to have it!! well peace out peeps!!!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

whoopy doo

The past almost 24 hours i have had a small amount of chocolate cake and a choc chip muffin(the muffin i had to have thanks to scrubs plus had been feeling like one for a few days prior). I know that isn't too bad just feel a little down on myself now but i will keep going!
Last night i finally did my yoga DVD which i haven't done in months, i couldn't find any of my yoga stuff so i improvised and i was so glad i did it!! I could do some stuff at the "harder" level and i felt so good after the DVD finished. I forgot how much i like doing yoga so i will definitely be doing it more often. I think just the fact i can do more stuff and more of the stretches has shown me how far i have come. One of the moves i could almost put my shoulder blade on the ground which is what you want to get to that was like and very big WOOHOO moment for me. I am really getting into it all from the fact i can see the changes and the weight i am losing plus i am loving feeling so good! I can't wait till school goes back and i can start Zumba.. well that is if i am not working but doubt i will have classes at that time cause most child cares have lunch around that time so YAY. Still loving boxing and i hopefully next week will be able to have a my first second session a week with Mr Mick!!
This morning i did my usual weekly measuring and i have lost another inch in a week which WOOHOO. Just hoping by the end of the week i have lost another kilo which i think with the cake and muffin might not happen but i will see... i am planing on jumping on the treadmill tonight. I have done exercise everyday this week except for Monday night. Was going to go for a walk but this wind would be too much for Lil just sitting in the pram so that is why i am glad to have my tready hehehe.
So here is my eating for the past 2 days.....
Brekky - 2 small pieces of toast
Lunch- Soup with a piece of bread
Dinner- 2 satay marinated chicken legs and lettuce,sprinkle of cheese and a small amount of salad dressing
Small bit of chocolate cake
Brekky- 2 pieces of toast
Lunch- Choc chip muffin(i know very bad lunch)
Dinner- 2 small rissols,mashed cauliflower with garlic and philly and some peas and corn

I know i have a habit of having Vegemite toast for brekky i just cant have anything else i love my toast!!!
Well gunna go being bugged for the puter.